Software solutions need to be properly integrated into corporate information systems to deliver their full potential.
From easyESEF we can offer our experience in clean, simple and efficient integration solutions.

Every company is a world, and that is why at easyESEF we have foreseen and developed the necessary interfaces for integration of the product into the system of information.
We therefore offer our consulting services, both for our easyESEF, as for any other XBRL tool It is a technology that we are used for fifteen years, in very diverse environments.
There are basically two flows where XBRL is involved: regulatory reporting or consumption of data in XBRL format, e.g. for investors We know both sides, their market tools, and for this we have developed not only our easyESEF tool, but other solutions for specific needs, several of them in open source.
We can offer the company’s IT staff material and training so that know the technological basis of XBRL language, and we help them to design solutions that best suit your IT environment.