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Last updated 2022-03-21
Taxonomy ESEF 2021.
Free download!

Financial statements and Notes

Download the easyESEF.xlsb Excel tool demo, with export, import CSV & validation of ESEF files, and other functionalities. Technical Reference in English, German and Spanish.

Creating the Annual Report

The bulk of the Annual Report are chapters with text and images, which do not require ESEF tagging. Also the Audit Report, Cover Page, Signatures, and so on. Prepare them with your office tools and export them as .pdf .html or .xhtml. The easyCOMPOSER tool combines them all, in order, along with the Financial Statements and Notes. This is the final Annual Report required by the ESEF format. Ready to be filed!
See the Technical Reference in English, German and Spanish.
A final check for errors or warnings with the easyQC tool is recommended.

Download a complete example

The example in contains all the files and tools required for creating an Annual Report from scratch up to the valid to be filed.

Validation with Arelle

easyESEF uses the Arelle Open Source Arelle Platform as integrated validation. Download (it’s free) and install. That’s all. Arelle will download other XBRL modules as needed. If your computer does not have Internet access, download Arelle to another computer and install it from a pen-drive. Then, open Arelle, go to Tools -> Internet -> Manage cache, and expand into the cache folder this .zip with the http and https subfolders required by ESEF version 2021.

ESEF Quality Control

easyQC (Quality Control) is a Review & Consumption Software Certified by XBRL International.

XBRL Certified Software logo

easyQC is designed to validate, read, and pass Quality Control to an ESEF report. easyQC integrates the Certified Validator Arelle with the Expert System of ESEF Quality Control developed by easyESEF Ltd. Download the Technical Reference in English, German or Spanish.

Total confidence: free download

We are so confident in the competitiveness of our software that we offer it completely free of charge, downloadable from our website, and this is in line with our corporate philosophy with its open source roots.
Only if the client is satisfied during the test and if he wants to use it in real with the annual reports, we recommend our support service, maintenance and priority in new functionalities, with costs more than competitive with the market.

Read ESEF Annual Reports

easyREADER  is the subset of easyQC designed to read an ESEF annual report into Excel cells. The operating environment is a classic Excel workbook, with no other requirements. Download easyREADER as well as theTechnical Reference in English, German or Spanish

ESEF Taxonomy illustrated.

Download 20212020 & 2019 editions. A total of 129,214 labels on 23 languages in an Excel workbook, including now the 12,870  labelRoles missing in the ESEF taxonomy. Inspired by the IFRS Taxonomy Illustrated, showing the content of the Taxonomy.

Support, integration and customisation programme

If the client wishes a support service, integration with their computer systems and personalisation of the software, we offer a specific programme to adapt it to their specific needs.
In the terms and conditions you will find the different service possibilities. Flexibility, adaptation and quick responses are values that we apply to our customer service.

Consultancy and training service available

In addition to the support programme, we also offer a consultancy service to be able to solve any doubt or need of those who use easyESEF.
We also develop training activities in ESEF and XBRL if you want to deepen your knowledge of the tool, although the use of easyESEF is totally friendly and no specific computer or technological knowledge is required.