Simplicitity that works

Software without installation and maintenance

Our XBRL software meets the criteria of simplicity and efficiency.
It does not require installation as it is an XBRL converter with the complexities and rules of ESEF reporting already integrated and thus flattens the learning curve of the user, which solves in the simplest way the needs of presenting financial reports in ESEF format.
Its use saves significant time and resources as it only requires maintenance when ESMA changes the applicable ESEF version.

More secure: use on site, not in the cloud

There is no safer solution than to process ESEF on the company’s own computers. This is an important feature that differentiates us from most other XBRL tools for ESEF that are developed in the cloud. We believe that, in this particular case, using the cloud is an unnecessary risk, given the confidentiality of the financial data reflected in the reports before they are published. There have already been some cases of insider trading prior to publication obtained through attacks on confidential documentation that is hosted in the cloud and that is more vulnerable.

Friendly use, without knowledge of XBRL technology

Simplicity of use is part of easyESEF as a basic principle from the very beginning.
It is one of the XBRL processing software that requires less technical knowledge than other solutions, but the most user-friendly. Something that we put to the test with the free download that allows us to verify the reality of the advantages that we claim. For example, our reading runs in a single click. Our tagging is pre-formatted and totally aligned with standardised tags and IFRS formats, thus eliminating any possibility of error in the selection of the items in the financial statements.