ESEF filings

Where to find ESEF reports?

Explore the free repository with thousands of ESEF Annual Reports, built by XBRL International, providing:

  • The filing displayed in an Inline XBRL viewer which allows users to browse the marked up data within the report;
  • The tagged data as xBRL-JSON, a simple, JSON-based format for XBRL data, which can be consumed and analysed in a range of tools;
  • A copy of the XBRL Report Package for the filing, as filed to the collection authority.

Download all these reports into to your computer, with a few clicks, using this easyESEF download utility.


The Transparency Directive requires regulated information disclosed by issuers having shares admitted for trading on regulated markets to be compiled in national databases, the so-called Officially Appointed Mechanisms, or “OAMs”.
See below the links provided by ESMA to the various national databases.

UK Financial Conduct Authority: The National Storage Mechanism (NSM) is the FCA’s official way of storing regulated information.