Our tool is very useful for a variety of clients.
Companies that have to present ESEF reports, consultants that help them to do so, auditors that have to validate their content.


· Consultants
easyESEF is a very useful tool for Consultants who have to offer financial reporting service for listed companies that are clients. The Mandatory submission of annual financial reports in the European Single Electronic Facility (ESEF ) from 2021 is a challenge for more than 5000 and for the consulting companies that serve them in these areas.

The flexibility and simplicity of our conversion software is very useful for This type of company is particularly suitable for listed companies of low/medium.

· Auditors
The European Commission considers the ESEF document to be the only one valid with the audited financial statements and as such should be required by OAM (national regulator). For the Committee of European Audit Oversight Bodies (CEAOB) this means that the auditors have the obligation to verify the compliance with legal requirements: that the financial statements are prepared in HTML format, that the disclosures significant figures are marked with XBRL, that the elements of the basic taxonomy with the most accounting meaning are usedthat the self-created items (extensions) are correctly defined in its accounting aspects and anchored to the corresponding IFRS items, etc.
As an added value, easyESEF provides in its free download package a a tool specially designed to facilitate the work of the auditors, by the creation of an Audit Documentation that shows in an orderly way all the internal details of the annual report, so that the auditor can give its opinion in evidence base.
It allows auditors to check more easily than the information is identical in both ESEF format and traditional paper/PDF printing or similar as internally in their description in the new XBRL format.

· Listed companies
The simplicity and ease of use of easyESEF are attributes that can result from great interest for companies obliged to publish their financial report in digital XBRL and that they decide to produce it internally without outsourcing it.
Without the need for specific IT knowledge other than at user level Office and of course without having to understand XBRL technology.
In addition, our consulting and customization service allows you to adapt the software to specific needs of companies as well as to solve any kind of doubt or requirement.

· Investment analysts
Investment analysts need to face the new financial reporting scenario an easy to use solution to “decode” the XBRL format to make your analysis. The same tool that easyESEF provides to the Auditors is of totalefficiency for these needs.
The fact that the software is free for the occasional user is another advantage inherent inour proposal .

· Training Specialists
The esayESEF converter has two features that make it an ideal instrument for training and learning.
On the one hand, its simplicity of use and effectiveness: just download it, unzip prepare the data and click on export the file to transform Word and Excel files to the ESEF digital format.
On the other hand, the fact that it is open source and therefore free to download is a undisputed attraction for teaching use or when resources are more limited.