Generation tool for ESEF 2019 (latest ESMA publication).

Download in your computer the easyESEF Excel tool, generating ESMA ESEF files. The easyESEF data entry combines Excel (financial statements) with xHTML (i.e. Word text & graphs) into a valid ESEF iXBRL annual report. It is free and fully operational. Presented at the 2020.eurofiling.info online event!

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Technical reference brochures are available in English, German and Spanish (more in a future). Use this free SaveAsXHTML.docm Word file for testing (possibility also for using InDesign, Publisher, Quark…).

Among other features, easyESEF can also read whatever iXBRL IFRS file. Test the easyESEF tool with annual reports examples from Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen or Ferrovial, taken from the ESMA Field test of ESEF as well as ArcelorMittal or Avrupa, taken from the SEC EDGAR website. Download, unzip and click on Import file in easyESEF. Also download the GLEIF annual report 2018 from the Global LEI Foundation and Import file in easyESEF.

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Read annual reports on IFRS from ESMA Field Test and SEC EDGAR as well.

This easyESEF 2019 tool is oriented for compliance with the mandatory reporting of the ESEF taxonomy 2019 and following years. See commercial model and support options in the Partners page.

ESEF illustrated taxonomy 2019 in 23 languages: Free download here

Full translations of ESEF taxonomy to 23 European languages

The European Commission and the IFRS Foundation publish identical labels for English, whereas the European Commission publishes the labels for the other 22 languages. In the ESEF taxonomy 2017 (the first one published), the label linkbase defines 4610 labels, plus another 547 labelRoles that are qualified for particular Roles:


However, both in the ESEF 2017 taxonomy and in subsequent years, all label and role combinations have been defined for English only (as already existing in IFRS), but not for the other 22 European languages, as the European Commission does not publish the official translation of labelRoles combinations. In XBRL, when a label is missing for a particular Role, the label is presented (at best) in the default language, usually English. The presentation linkbase indicates which label and role should be used for each element of each financial statement. Therefore, in a language other than English, the missing Roles will be filled in (at most) with labels in English, as seen in these examples in French (“negatedLabel”) or in Greek (“totalLabel”)

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Financial position, Equity (French) – Financial position, Non-current assets (Greek)

How to get the full translation?

The document ESEF Label Roles Generator for Languages (other than English) describe each Role, case by case, with the recommended solution. The last part is the Instructions Handbook for the Open Source ESEF Label Linkbase Generator Program, which takes the 23 ESEF label linkbase files published by ESMA and generates a directory with the 22 non-English label linkbase files, including the missing label Roles, properly generated as described.

The final step is the ESEF 2017 Illustrated Taxonomy, oriented to users, with 23 languages in an Excel workbook, inspired in the IFRS Taxonomy Illustrated. All these materials have been developed by the Openfiling Association with the encouragement of XBRL Spain, and were presented the 25th November 2019 in the public event ESEF, the standard format for financial statements in Europe


Converting your client’s or your listed company’s annual report into an ESEF is easy on your own personal computer. Your Word document and your Excel financial statements are transformed into a valid ESEF annual report with a single click, and with a few more clicks also in lowly PDF (illegible for computers).

Your job is the preparation of annual reports, financial statements, regulatory requirements, etc. Your job is business as usual, even if you consider that preparing the annual report following IFRS rules, and according to the new ESMA mandate, is much more complicated than business as usual, but in any case what you are hired to do. Our pourpose is to made your job easier, in the last step of the creation of the ESEF file. Our job is to be fully aware of ESEF technology: iXBRL syntax, reporting rules, XHTML rendering and other IT stuff.

Simply contact us at info@easyESEF.eu to open ways of collaboration.

Agents, resellers, distributors … welcome!

The idea is to collaborate. Let your business as usual, your client relationship as usual, your organization as usual, by having us in the background for this single (even crucial) task: transforming classical Word and Excel files into mandatory ESEF file in a easy and transparent way, locally, in your own language, on your own computer. We are your partners for this specific technological task.

Our expertise is technology, not accounting. For more than 15 years we have been implementing regulatory reporting frameworks using XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language, the underlying technology for ESEF), in the European Union, Eastern Europe and several countries of the Americas, including the USA. We have learnt how to minimize the technological regulatory burden, especially in countries with limited resources or in emerging regulatory frameworks. Simple is not just beautiful, it is also easier.

Our proposal is directed to service providers or compliance experts involved in the preparation of annual reports for listed companies in Europe, hence mandated to create ESEF files. Not all the service companies collaborating with issuers, neither many of the issuers themselves, know how to deal technically with ESEF. For this reason easyESEF was created, by a small group of experts, coming from the world of open source, to cross-collaborate for an easy and fruitful implemention of ESEF.

We offer from easyESEF, a simple Excel and Word file creating ESEF, to customized solutions integrating existing Open Source software, webservices or blockchain. As IT trainers for accountants, we can explain in simple words all you need to know about ESEF. We take special care in full translations to the 23 languages of the European Union. OEM style software and documentation customization with your logo and brand Response time in less than 24 hours with a resolution rate of 95% by contract (well, it is software developed by us). Our added values are integrated utilities for an easier implementation and better user experience, as converter/reader for CSV (classical flat file), reader for whatever ESEF or IFRS iXBRL file, free ESEF validator and so on. A first sample are the free downloadable programs and materials are being made available to the public on this website.

ESEF translations available

Wasn’t ESEF published in all 23 European languages? Almost, but not. While the taxonomy ESEF 2017 has published 5,147 labels, for the other 22 languages ESEF only has 4,610 labels. Why? Go to free download page and discover the problem (and the solution 🙂 )